Thursday, August 30, 2007

Research Steps

A true definition of a video game is hard to come by. The reason behind this is because many people have different ideas of what video games really are. Each of the authors of the links provided have different ideas and perspectives into what they believe a true definition of a video game is. All of these authors have different definitions of what they believe a video game is. Some definitions are more complex at detailed than others.
Gonzalo Frasca describes video games as a whole as "any form of computer based entertainement software, either textual or image based using any electronic platform such as personal computers or consoles and involving one or multiple players in a physical or networked environment. " (Frasca 2001) Nicolas Esposito has a more simple definition that i believe does a better job of simplyfing the definition od a video game as a game that a "user plays thanks to an audiovisual apparatus and which can be based on a story." (Esposito 2005) On the videotopia website, the contributors talk about the difference between a video game and a computer game, most of them stating that video games are a more social gamining experience that allows the user to explore the game to its potential, while a computer game is simply running what you tell it too, with out any level of "randomness". However the other definition provided on Wikipedia is the definition I believe that best describes what a video game is as a "game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device." (Wikipedia)
Frasca's definition of a video game in my opinion is too complex to describe what a video game is as I believe that while Frasca hits all the important points of what a video game is such as one or multiple players and that they are played on electronic platforms, however I disagree with Frasca when he says "physical or networked environment." All video games take place in a virtual environment and require physical interaction. Frasca should say take place in a virtual environment with physical interaction. Frasca looks at all the components that go in to all varieties of video games and why people turn to video games and play them. Frasca uses research from past psychologists such as Jean Piaget, Huizinga, and Caillois. Esposito also mentions Huizinga and Caillois in his thesis in their attempts to help define what a game is. Esposito definition comes from his reasoning of the definition of all the different aspects that make a video game. Espositio also quotes the research of Frasca as well as numerous experts in the field of games. Espositios definition I believe is simpler than Frasca's definition but too vauge to really hit the nail on the head for the true definition of a video game. The Videotopia website does a good job defining the difference between computer games and video games. All the contributors to the site all have different opinions to what the difference between a video game and a computer game is specifically the purpose of a video game and a computer game, the physical interaction between the two, and how much freedom a user has in the game. However I belive that for a true definition of video games the two must be grouped together.
I belive the Wikipedia definition is the best definition of a video game. A video game simply put is an "interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device" This can go for televisions or computer screens and the first part of the definition sums it up the best. when you play a video game, you are interacting with a device for the purpose of completing a task, winning a game, etc, all of this can be grouped as visual feed back. this is why i feel that the Wikipedia definition of a video game is the best definition out of the examples listed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What is a Video Game?

A video game is any interactive software that allows a user to interact with what ever the purpose of the software is. From something as basic as online checkers to state of the art playstation 3 video games, anything that allows a user to interact with the software to complete what ever the software wants the user to do. Video games can be complex or very simple but the basic idea is shared with all video games. Usually video games are created to stimulate the user to complete a goal or mission or level. Video games are also a great way to loose hours of your life once you get hooked on them, aka Diablo II where i wasted years of my life in middle school to achieve the greastest status i could in the fictional Diablo world. Video games are fun and are advacing every day. New technology allows graphics and game play to reach cutting edge levels allowing each new video game to have something new to offer to users.