Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What is a Video Game?

A video game is any interactive software that allows a user to interact with what ever the purpose of the software is. From something as basic as online checkers to state of the art playstation 3 video games, anything that allows a user to interact with the software to complete what ever the software wants the user to do. Video games can be complex or very simple but the basic idea is shared with all video games. Usually video games are created to stimulate the user to complete a goal or mission or level. Video games are also a great way to loose hours of your life once you get hooked on them, aka Diablo II where i wasted years of my life in middle school to achieve the greastest status i could in the fictional Diablo world. Video games are fun and are advacing every day. New technology allows graphics and game play to reach cutting edge levels allowing each new video game to have something new to offer to users.

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