Tuesday, October 23, 2007

revisiting orientation island

i ventured back to orientation island, or at least the public version of the island. this island was crawling with people, most of which looked like they have been playing the game for a while. Alot of people approached me asking me if I had any questions about the game. Some where nice and helpful, some had a hidden agenda in their questions. I was asked to teleport to unknown locations by certian people, and other people were hitting on me. It was a little off putting to say the least. The other interesting thing about these people is that none of them had normal appearances, all were dressed in outrageous clothing or had very unusual skins. There was one individual who kept following me around in a helicopter. He was unresonsive to questions of what he was acutally doing in a helicopter. The funniest thing about being on the public orientation island is that for all the people i saw, none of them llloked like they actually had a purpose of being there. I only saw 3 people who looked like they had just started playing the game. Alot of the people at the top of the hill on the island all knew each other and where having a conversation about some party that had happened in real life. It was interesting to see them all gathered there to talk about something that happened in real life in a virtual world. It was an unusual spot as well to talk with friends, as everyone was able to listen and view their conversations. most of the conversations on the island were dealing with sex, and i would rather not get into the details of some of those conversations. Alot of people where also spending time editing their appearances as well, most of the female avatars on the island where dressed in gothic clothing.

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