Monday, October 1, 2007

Class Notes October 1 2007

Direct oberservation is when the actual researcher is doing the observation in the fact that they are the ones going to different locations, talking to people getting involved with the reasearch. Participant observation i belive is when the researcher sends people out ahead of time to certian locations to ask the questions and makke the observations for the researcher. The researcher then talks to the participants and gathers the information based on their experience from the participants. In a way the researcher is still doing direct observation, however in participant observation, he is sending people out to ask the questions then they gather the information.


Colin D. said...

I believe that the difference is instead that a direct observer does not participate in whatever he or she is observing while the participant observer does. It has nothing do with, as far as I know, whether the reseacher is sending out minions or not.


Colin D. said...

I actually never thought of that...its quite interesting. However, direct means that there is no intereaction with your subjects whether you send minions out or not. Participant observation occurs when you input yourself into the data _JS