Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Avatar Analysis

the three catagories i would use to describe these avatars would be, robotic/alien, human reality, and human fantasy.

the robotic alien would classify the predator, the avatar with the see-through head, the copper robot, and the fish like avatar that floats. These avatars are non human in appearance, and are best classified as robots, or alien in appearance

Human reality avatars would be, the avatar resting in the chair, the playboy bunny, and bradford russell. these avatars are the closest to looking human in a normal reality.

human fantasy, these avatars would be the female avatar with the bizzare hair, the purple and yellow avatar, the rainbow avatar, the gasmask avatar, and the angel avatar. these avatars are human in appearance, however they all have an aspect of fantasy, weither it be wings, hair, or skin color, these avatars are human with alot of imagination behind them.

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