Sunday, November 11, 2007

Interview Questions Avatar Answers

Colin De'Aeth Kinsai Nightfire Male Plain Clothing Born 11/02/07 "Well since I am new I havent formed a full opinon yet but so far it is just a metting place for people to meet people online" Hanja Welcome Center
* Colin De'Aeth Adilah Illyar Female Plain Clothing Born 11/11/07 "I think second life is...freaking weird" Hanja Welcome Center
* Colin De'Aeth MrRoss Munster Male Topless White Pants Born 11/06/07 "Second Life is something to do when i'm bored i guess I dont really know what it means to me" Hanja Welcome Center
* Colin De'Aeth Poeland Rayna Female Gothic Clothing Born 10/27/07 "Second life is a second life, a place where you can have friends with no family" Hanja Welcome Center
* Colin De'Aeth Jeff Maruti Male Plain Clothing Born 10/28/07 "I'm not sure I guess, a place where people go to meet other people" Hanja Welcome Center

Asking people in the welcome center was a task in its self. In a large group of people all the actions were very laggy, making the actual questions very difficult to ask. Alot of avatars did not want to answer any questions either. However the ones that i did get to answer the questions were unsure of how to answer the question. Most of them had only been playing for a couple of days so were unsure of what second life was or what it really had to offer. the people that did answer my questions were by themselves sitting and observing other avatars in the welcome center, and most were very helpful in answering my questions.

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