Sunday, September 30, 2007

life as a women part 1

This was my first adventure in second life as a girl. I actually was chaning genders the same time Perry was and some how we ending up choosing the same outfit. I had mine first he is just a copy cat. The first place i went as my new self was back to the burning man island because when i was logging on, a message came up saying that the burning man fesitivals were gonig on, however when i got back to the island, there it was deserted. I was dissapointed because I would have liked to have seen some people enjoing such a neat looking island. From the burining man island i found a really neat island called Billabong Bar, it was an Austrailian island which was very large. I found a really neat looking metallic horse that was gigantic. Billabong island was also really interesting because there were actually quite a bit of people around. My favorite part was actually my first real long encounter with someone else outside the ithaca class. I met this girl who was really done up in a sci fi outfit down by a beach and she was actually testing some light sabre software that she had been working on. She was actually really friendly and said that she normally doesnt dress like a trekkie, but the outfit helped show of the demonstration. She then gave me a demonstration with the lightsabre and i must say i was very impressed. the movement and soundeffects where top notch for a program that tends to lag alot on my computer. It was nice to actually break the "long conversation" barrier in Second life because most people i have met are not very talkative, and this person was very friendly and we talked for about 10 minutes. This gender chaning aspect actually helps the process of meeting new people, because more people are inclined to talk to a good looking avatar women than a creppy looking avatar male personality. We will see what happens in the coming days.

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