Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Class Notes 9/ 5

Quantitative Research is mainly concerned with the degree in which phenomena possess certain properties states and characters and the similarities differences and causal relations that exist within and between these.

Qualitative Reseach is mainlyi concerned with the properties, the state and the character

Wikipedia says simply put it investigates the why and how of decision making as compared to what where and when of quantitiative research

Key Bits
Nature of the phenomenon, behavior
small number of cases alot of detail
careful descriptions of the thing in natural settings
want to understand what meaning other people make of the phnomenon
patterns, differences, things that stand out
good for why questions
rich description

The definition of a game can incorporate all 6 of these words. A game is usually a puzzle of some kind. Because the basic definition is to complete the task at hand and that can be on any kind of level. Puzzles can be found in books, and that where most puzzles got their start in newspapers/books. People play games and do puzzles for enjoyment hense the fun aspect of video games. If people did not recieve satisfatction from playing games than no one would be playing video game today. In order to finish the game you must work to complete the goals of the game.

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