Sunday, September 16, 2007

Observation Part 2

Ithaca College Library Sunday Night 10:30-11:30

The library is a real interesting place to watch people. I my self have been in the library before this project, and have just sat and watched how the different people are going about their jobs. First and foremost, my favorite observation about the library is that at any time and point that people arrive to do work at the library, regardless of how long they plan on spending their, they bring enough stuff with them to last them the next ice age. People set up shop like they plan on spending days there. Food, coffee, clothes, ipods, computers, phones, slippers, notebooks galore. Single people take up tables that are ment for at least 5. I saw this in multiple instances tonight. There are always a shortage of tables in the library, because people take up whole tables and dont allow people to share their "private" space. People at the computer stations were busy at work. A couple of girls had huge stacks of books spread out over what little space they had working hard at essays. There were a few girls though procrastinating at the computers however. One girl had alot of work set around here, but was face deep in some facebooking. Another girl was on her phone texting for almost the entire duration i was at the library. People really do keep to themselves for the most part. The people at the computers are not communicating with each other at all, only to the people at the circulation desk to receive their print outs. The people working at the desks are funny to watch. Everytime someone walks near a table, the person at the table makes real awkward eye contact with that person. One girl hovered over her work everytime someone passed making it seem like she didnt want anyone to see what she was working on. One girl got up at least 3 times for 3 different cups of coffee, she will probally be up for at least 4 more hours. There was a small group of people working on a group project. They did not have much work around them, they were just discussing alot of things. One guy was reading a Rolling stone magazine on one of the couches. The people behind the circulation desk are about the same. Real quite, keeping to themselves. You are a totally different person when you enter the library. Everything because real secerative and quite. It is a real funny place to watch people interact (or lack there of) with each other.

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