Friday, September 14, 2007

First Day On Second Life

After this first full day on Second Life, I have seen three real different worlds. The Burning Man tribute world Burning Life was my favorite island, because it was so different looking. A lot of immaginiation went into that world. Ben and Jerrys' was a very colorful looking place, however not alot of things to do on the ben and jerry island. Roma was the most complex looking place with the most to explore plus some freebies. The most frustrating thing so far is maintaining an appearance for my avatar so he doesnt look like something out of a stephen king movie. His face is very creepy looking so i am going to try and do something about that later on. I also dont like the appearance interface as far as clothing. It makes changing your clothes difficult because if you have mulitple shirts on, you cant seem to select which one you want to take off. Ben and Jerry's island was all about the marketing with displays and information on the making of their icecream. The burning man island was out of someones dream. It is so bizzare you really cant put it into words.

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