Sunday, September 23, 2007

More Library Observations

I went back to the library today, and actually sat in one place this time. As for different observations pretty much was the same as far as big obervations. The same girls were still at the computer stations not really working on the computers. They had a bunch of windows open, but mostly it was facebook. Any of the guys on the computers had fantasy football pages up instead of work. There were alot of people today looking for computers which made me laugh because I would watch people walk around the library looking for computers and would stand and watch people on facebook and fantasyfootball, and then walk away in disgust. Alot of people were spread out all over tables again with all the possessions that they own. I think people get the mindset when they go to the library that they can get alot of work done, which is usually the case but what ends up happening is you bring all this stuff with you and get distracted, and most of the time procrastinate. I find I do more work in my room than when i go to the library, because i get so easily destracted by my phone, and am always wanting to check things online. I can do all these things and be distracted from the comfort of my room. People just approach the library with the mindset that if you enter the library you are automatically going to do more work than if you stayed in the room. I find both places to be destracting in their own rights, and doing work is something you must focus on no matter where you are which is usually really hard for people to do.

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