Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Computer Mediated Communication

Computer Mediated Communication is anyform of conversation that occurs over the computer medium. In Scott Cambell's article, he discusses different studies on computer mediated communication. Cambell divides computer communication into the "talking voice" and the "writing voice". Talking voice messages tended to be interactive, include personal information, and cite sources informally when referring to literature. Messages posted in the writing voice were less interactive, provided more background information, and cited sources formally. Characterization of the two styles as talking and writing is supported by research on the differences between
orality and literacy.In Soukoup's article he discusses computer mediated communication as the term ‘third place’ is referenced
in discussions of the merits of CMC, but in these discussions rarely do
authors critically evaluate the appropriateness of this term in these unique
communication environments.

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Kim Gregson said...

what i've graded so far - 2 rl observations (20/20) and 2 sl observations (20/20)

I don't see a lot of other observations tho - remember - the 1st paper is all based on your observations, and these posts are your notes. right now - not a lot of write a paper about here