Friday, September 21, 2007

Second Life Part 1

I spent 20 minutes early this morning on the weather channel island. I decided to visit this island after Professor Gregson told us about it saying it was an inetresting place to visit. There were alot of people on the island when I arrived as i figured there was a lot to do on the island. The first thing I did was explore some of the media options in the main dome. There were alot of audio clips and videos that I could watch as the weather channel was promoting its different shows, most of them on extreme weather. After leaving the visitng area I traveled to the different parts of the island where I could take part in different activities. I went first to the surfing part of the island and attempted to surf using the free surfboard that the weather channel handed out, however I could not get this to work, so I just watched the other people in the isalnd surf on these giant waves that the island had generated. However alot of people just camped on the beach and were not really moving or talking, just sitting down. The other sections of the island were someone empty. The mountain biking warehouse was empty, but I was able to pick up a free shirt which was really cool. I tried to ride the freebie mountain bike around, got it to work for like 2 mintues, then it stoped working after that. It was dissapointing, because everyone else I saw got everything to work, and no one was responding to my questions of help. Most people on the island were speaking in some kind of code that I had no idea how to interperet, so I just explored the rest of the island including the ski lift area, and eventually went back down to the beach to watch more people surf.

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