Friday, September 21, 2007

Second Life Part Two

For the better part of my second trip back into second life, I spent trying to edit my appearance to look more like my self to get a head start on the fashion show assignment. I still cannot get the hair of my avatar to remotley look anything about myself. Its really frustraiting, so im thinking of just shaving my head in real life so I can at least look more like my avatar than I do now. After editing my appearance, I visited more corporate websites, most specifically a couple of Islands run by Nissan, and an Island run by BMW. The nissan islands were not very crowded, but had some neat things to look at including a vending machine of cars. I had read about this island in one of the introduction assignments to second life, so I thought it would be an interesting place to visit for myself. The other island I spent time at was an lsland owened by BMW. I was the only one on the island at the time of my visit, and it was lagging alot, however there was some neat information on the island about some of BMW's new clean energy plans. I also saw picture of their hydrogen powered super car which I have read about in magazines, it was a really neat place to visit. And finally, before I was said and done, I went back to Ben and jerry's island because I had so much fun before, and actually read all the notes on the tour of the building, learning how they made their ice cream. The island by far i think has been the most creative as far as colors and really interesting to look at, and I wish more corporate sites would comeone to second life, and if there are, I wish their islands where easier to visit.

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